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Winter VS Summer: When to Ship

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Few get to decide when they ship their vehicles. Some people are uprooted due to a job change or because their schedule only allows them to move during a certain time. However, if you’re in the market for a car and you can pick, there are some considerations that could make your choice all that much easier. The difference between shipping a vehicle in the summer compared to the winter could sometimes be as drastic as night and day. There are pros and cons to each time of the year, and depending on your location, they could mean the difference between saving a lot of money and not. We break down the best time to ship your car.


Summer time is relaxing and a time to recharge. Schools are out, jobs are slower, and most think that the margarita industry is the only place that works harder. However, car shippers are much busier in the summer than in the winter. We all remember from high school economics, or at least I’ll remind you now, that if demand goes up, then so does price. This demand is partially because most people move in the summer months, but also because there is an influx of car events in the summer. You have car shows almost every weekend, local races, and let’s not forget about pebble beach. If you’re a car transport company, you’re almost guaranteed to have at least a few trucks at the pebble beach.

However, shipping your car in the summer months could be quicker. There are fewer road closures due to winter weather, and drivers have more daylight to move. There is less potential for issues with your car, which could save you time and money trying to fight a claim from salted streets scratching your car.


The winter season is the time of year when people like to stay indoors and enjoy their fires with family and friends. This means not as many people are moving and there are fewer events that demand auto shippers. So, inevitably, car shipping is much cheaper in the winter months. It’s almost the perfect time to ship your car, except for one thing. If your shipment is shipping through harsh winter weather, things can get tricky.

Weather creates a series of unfortunate events that must be accounted for. Even if you choose a closed carrier to protect your car from the elements, there are still many things drivers need to overcome. Harsh winter conditions create road closures, alternate routes, and delays. Shipping in the winter is almost always slower than in the summer. These alternative routes add more mileage, which in turn adds more gas fees to your final price. Even if you’re shipping from one warm-weather location to another, the route may drive right through a winter storm. Another thing to think about is your car’s engine. Even in a closed carrier, your car will be subject to temperature changes. If your car is temperamental or you forgot to fill your antifreeze before shipping, there could be significant engine damage. Unfortunately, this is something that auto shippers’ insurance policies do not cover.

So when is the best time to Ship Your Car?

There is a trade secret for the best time to ship your car. Kids are still in school, the roads aren’t covered in snow, and the roads are still relatively empty. This special time of year is in the fall. You’ll avoid the summer surcharges and the winter weather. If you can postpone your move or purchase of a new car until the fall, you’ll find the best deals during this time.

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