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Walmart in Burbank Opens Soon

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A new Walmart Supercenter will be soon open on the site of the old Great Indoors. Delia Garcia, Walmart Director of Communications, says that the opening is planned in June. There has been a lot of controversy, but as the remodeling has started, it has been going steadily and according to the plan. The size of the project is around 143,000 square feet. The customers will find all kinds of affordable groceries in the new Walmart Supercenter, as well as a wide choice of general merchandise.

There are about 300 openings to be filled at the new store in Burbank. Panthi Patel, the store manager, says that they are looking to build a hard-working team of associates to serve the community. Many new employees will start working this month to help prepare the store for the grand opening on the June, 22.

A temporary hiring center on East Magnolia Avenue accepts applications for full-time and part-time associates seven days a week from 8AM to 7PM. You can also apply online on Walmart’s official website.

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