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Vehicle Transport

Car Transport Depot has the knowledge and tools to ship many types of vehicles. We serve all 50 states. So what would you like to get shipped?

Car Shipping

vehicle transport

CTD can help you with our car shipping services nationwide. That’s right. We will pick up your car and deliver it anywhere in the United States. This includes Alaska and Hawaii. CTD can also ship cars to or from auctions and dealerships.

You can choose between open or enclosed transport for your auto shipping. With open car transport, your car is loaded onto an open car carrier, along with other vehicles. You’ve probably seen these car carriers on the highway before. Meanwhile, with enclosed car transport, your car will get a higher level of protection because it’s not exposed to the elements. Nevertheless, both methods are secure.

Bus and Limo Transport

Need to ship your bus or limo but are leery of handing off this task? Car Transport Depot has you covered. We’ll gladly ship these enormous vehicles. We have the appropriate trucks and drivers with the skills to deal with heavy-duty transport. Our staff knows how to handle bus shipping. In fact, we deal with this kind of moves every day.

Motorcycle Transport

Not everyone can or should ride a motorbike across the entire country, or even from city to city. That’s why so many people use motorcycle shipping services. Here at Car Transport Depot, we’ll deliver your motorcycle safe and sound to anywhere it needs to go. This type of vehicle transport is safe and it actually saves you money.

Boat Transport

If you’ve ever tried to transport a boat yourself, you know it’s not easy. CTD knows how to make boat shipping simple for you. Enlist our services and we can ship your boat to any American city in a timely fashion. Plus, we’re affordable and take great pride in the work we do.

Van Transport

CTD can handle your van transport too.  We’ll move any type of van, from sprinter vans to cargo vans to passenger vans. If you need to move a van across the country, CTD is the company to call.

Trailer Transport

We can handle any type of trailer transport. This includes trailer homes. If you are moving your trailer or relocating your trailer home, CTD is the choice to make. Our drivers possess this specific expertise and deal with trailer moves frequently.

Truck Transport

CTD can help you with truck transport as well. Whether you’re moving just one or several trucks, we can take care of it for you. Our carriers are equipped to handle all types of trucks. This includes food trucks, semi-trucks, and more.

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