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USC Campus Lockdown: Shots Fired

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LOS ANGELES – LA police were investigating unwarranted reports of shots fired on the USC campus, persuading university officials to urge people to find shelter in place. The campus is on lockdown while the police search for the shooter.

USC said the police activity was occurring around 610 Childs Way. This spot is right near the front of campus, specifically near Popovich Hall. If you are in the area, please stay in place and seek shelter. It could mean the difference between life and death.

LAPD Det. Meghan Aquilar said there is currently no active shooter situation on campus but that police department sees a suspect in the area. She did not give details whether a shot had been fired or is there more information.

No One Injured in Shots at USC

So far, there have been no reports of injuries. However, the reports are ongoing, so that may change over time, unfortunately.

Soon after the reports surfaced, a police helicopter circled over the campus and students sitting outside a campus food court have all been moved inside. On social media, some students and employees said they were sheltering in place inside classrooms and offices.

Some shelter-in-place alerts remain in effect on parts of the campus, but university officials said the USC Village is open again. The village is evidently far enough away that the police don’t think there’s serious danger in the area. However, it may be a good idea to stay where you are anyway. You never know when things might change.

“No danger to the community,” the LAPD said on Twitter after completing a search of campus buildings.

Los Angeles is definitely not the safest city in the country, but USC’s campus is usually quite safe. It has high fences surrounding the campus and security throughout the complex.

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