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Uber Releases New Features Including Collaboration With Snapchat

You are currently viewing Uber Releases New Features Including Collaboration With Snapchat
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Uber has released two new features recently. Instead of putting in a specific address or location, you can now select a friend from your contact list and your Uber driver will take you to them. Uber is also collaborating with Snapchat to include a social media element.

How this works is Uber is going to need to have access to your contacts. Instead of centering an address, you would enter a friend’s name. Uber sends out an alert to the friend you have chosen which basically asks for your friends permission in order to be able to access the GPS on their phone. Once your friend grants permission by accepting, you will be on your way to their location.

Something important to remember is that once a specific destination is set, the Uber is unable to follow the chosen friend from one location to another. This is because when you friend accepts the destination is called a static location. This basically means that the GPS only follows one location and not your friend’s phone.

There is a 30 minute time frame in which your friend has to answer.

The company’s goal is to eliminate the back of worth “What’s the address?” texting that occurs.

Uber Collaborates with Snapchat

The second feature is collaboration with Snapchat. Uber is now allowing you to send snaps right from the Uber app. It is offering specific filters that are related to your ride, for example, arrival time, ride type, or a mystery filter, which, surprises rifer with either a trophy cup that says “5 star rider” on it, a daytime/nighttime filter, or a steering wheel. These filters can be used alongside the original snapchat filters.

Uber says that no personal information will be exposed other than the estimated arrival time, type of vehicle ,and location.

Uber is not stopping with Snapchat and has more collaborations coming real soon. Some include a collaboration with yelp, the public transport transit app, and foursquare. This will contribute to Uber’s latest feature which is called Uber feed.

How do you feel about the new Uber features? Is it something you may use?

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  1. Jane

    I have mixed feelings about this feature. Kinda cool. Kinda creepy.

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