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Uber: Price Gauging The Holidays

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Uber is one of the largest ride-sharing platforms in the world. With millions of users depending on rides to and from places, how does it stack up during the holidays?

Uber on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has been reported as THE drunkest holiday of the year. Dethroning the celebrations of both St. Patricks Day and New Years’. Many don’t expect it to be. This typically carries over from the night before. With many taking the time off to travel, or just to have an extended weekend, the freedom to binge drink is higher than average. Typically, if you are looking for a ride during Thanksgiving, you might see an increase of 100-200%.

Christmas Eve/Day

Another set of days that many will schedule time off for. Depending on your job, you might have one or both of these days off. Again, with traveling and time off this becomes a focal point for many to drink. With families running breakfast/lunch/dinner at different times during the day, the price of your Uber ride will fluctuate pretty inconsistently. Expect to see the price of your ride increase 75-125% towards the end of the night on Christmas Eve. Things tone down for Christmas day as many places are closed and many people stay in. On this particular day, expect a more reasonable 50-75% increase for your ride.

New Years Eve

There’s a specific time when everyone goes home. When that ball drops at exactly midnight, everyone cheers, kisses the person next to them, then decides to go someplace else. 12am is prime time for Uber drivers. We hope that you do not have far to walk on this night because you’re going to pay the max fee for this one. Expect a 200% increase for you to get home. Maybe it’s better to have a designated driver for this one.

Uber on St. Patricks Day

We all know this one. Nobody actually remembers what St. Patricks Day is about (some say that information will be lost to time), but a good substitute for having an empty holiday is to fill it with beer. It’s no surprise that the entire day has a gauge of 200%. Carpool is the best option for someone riding solo. It may take you longer, but you will get there safely.

Yes, getting home may be expensive, but it is certainly worth it. Police forces are always on point during these times. If you get a DUI, it’s going to cost you far more than the Uber Ride. If you get into a car accident, it can cost more than money is worth. Always remember to be careful and be kind.

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