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U.S. has Biggest Border Security Crisis Around the World

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The U.S., according to the president of the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd, did assert the nation is now in the “biggest crisis we have ever seen.” This is about border security. Moreover, it is arguing that the Biden administration is reversing all of former President Trump’s immigration policies.

U.S. and Illegal Immigrants

“In fact, any time we release people into the United States, that is pending a hearing, that they’re [illegal immigrants] not going to show up to.  However, we are going to have tons of people cross our borders illegally,” said Judd in an interview.

“As long as the magnet exists in which the magnet that draws people, they are going to continue to come.”

“Thus, If we do hold people in custody, that is pending a deportation or asylum hearing, people do stop coming,” he continued. “Thus, that it was proving under the migrant protection protocols.” 

The Biden administration, Judd did explain “unfortunately did away with everything that President Trump. That was really beneficial to border security,” and, moreover, resultantly, did open the floodgates. “In fact, we are now we’re in the biggest crisis we’ve ever seen as far as border security goes,” Judd asserted.

Scrapping Beneficial Immigration Policies

Therefore, President Joe Biden did scrap a number of predecessors’ immigration policies. He did include that important wall construction and having asylum seeks to remain in Mexico. As they should be to perfectly honest! Then, actually instead of the U.S. Though, at the same time, they are, in fact, waiting for their cases to really be hearing. Then, the moves have been responsible for leading to thus a record surge in migrants. Moreover, it would include unaccompanied minors. It has definitely strained capacity at immigration facilities. 

Also, because there has been an “explosion” of illegal immigrants, Judd argued, in the country “and Biden policies simply cause it.”

In, he also said this past Sunday, that President Biden has not been candid and forthcoming to the American people. I bet he was truly less than transparent with the American public!

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