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Two Men Broke into Ocean Beach Home to Search for Prescription Drugs

You are currently viewing Two Men Broke into Ocean Beach Home to Search for Prescription Drugs
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SAN DIEGO, California — Two men barge into an Ocean Beach home, pushing a 69-year-old woman to the ground and ransacking her dwelling before leaving empty-handed, police said Friday. While the woman is fine, the community of Ocean Beach is in uproar over this wild event.

The home-invasion robbery attempt happened at about 11:20 p.m. Thursday in the 4900 block of West Point Loma Boulevard when the would-be robbers knocked on the victim’s front door, San Diego police Officer Robert Heims said. The woman started to open the door when the suspects pushed their way through, knocking her to the ground.

Ocean Beach Home Break-In Leads to Failure for Robbers

Police noted the men went directly to the woman’s medicine cabinet in her bathroom but left after not finding anything. The men — who were not armed — are believed to have been searching for prescription drugs.

Thankfully, the woman had no injuries. She is very likely stunned by what happened, but she is at least physically okay. Of course, she hopes that the investigators catch the home invaders.

Both suspects were described as thin, roughly 6-foot tall black men in their early 20s with short hair and wearing black sweat suits. Robbery detectives are investigating the robbery. If they find the men responsible, they will likely charge them with breaking and entering, too. On top of that, they’ll probably receive assault charges. They’re lucky they didn’t cause any serious injuries to the older woman.

Ocean Beach is a vibrant and usually quite nice neighborhood in the city of San Diego. This kind of thing is very rare in this neighborhood, so the community is understandably in uproar. Unfortunately, this is what happens in major cities across the country. If you live in one of these cities, make sure you take steps to protect yourself!

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