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TV and Film’s Most Famous Cars

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The Batmobile is so recognizable, you can even find it as a Lego set!
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Throughout history, television and film have been a uniting source of entertainment, bringing together generations of people to feel like a community. Especially in the modern age of social media, watching television shows and movies feels more like a group activity than ever before as you can discuss the media or look at discussions of the media instantly. This means that characters have worked their way into hearts and brains around the world, but they are not the only things that have. Things like cars often become so recognizable that they almost feel like characters themselves. Here are some of our favorite cars from film and television that are recognizable to all.

The Munster Koach

The lovable family of monsters seen in The Munsters are quite iconic themselves and their car is equally so. The Munster Koach is itself a bit of a Franken-car being a combination of three different Model T cars and one hearse. Accompanied by some classic spooky decorations, this car has become very popular, most commonly brought back to the cultural zeitgeist during the spooky season around Halloween.

The Batmobile

The Batmobile has been seen in various iterations of the superhero, from the original series Batman in the 1960s to the most recent interpretation of the hero tale, Matt Reeves The Batman. The car is just about always a sleek vehicle, usually adorned in all black and silver. The car always has crazy, unimaginable features that help the vigilante solve crimes around Gotham City.


Mini is a perfect example of a car that really felt more like a character from the show, and subsequent movies, of Mr. Bean. Mini was a bright green Leyland Mini that played a large part in the gags of the show to display the lovable charm of Mr. Bean.


The famed K.I.T.T. from the 1980s classic series, Knight Rider, was huge in its debuting decade and continues to be quite recognizable today. The car was a modified Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that could drive itself, fire rockets, spray tear gas, and do just about anything else a crimefighting main character could need a car sidekick to do. Throughout the show’s four years on air, several iterations of K.I.T.T. were built in order to have a model do exactly what the show needed it to do, as they used practical effects whenever possible.

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