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Toyota bZ4X Electric SUV Offers Free Fast-Charging for a Year

You are currently viewing Toyota bZ4X Electric SUV Offers Free Fast-Charging for a Year
Unlimited Charging Stations for Toyota bZ4X
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Toyota just announced that its first widely available electric vehicle is going to come with one year of unlimited complimentary charging at all EVgo public fast-charging locations. It will be for the upcoming bZ4X electric SUV.

Toyota bZ4X – Charging Network

Also, EVgo does claim to be the only charging network. It is powered by 100% renewable energy. In fact, it does operate at 800 public DC fast-charging locations. In addition, to Level 2 chargers as part of its network. However, Toyota does specify that the agreement focuses on fast charging. 

In fact, Toyota bZ4X drivers will, in fact, be able to access free charging via the Toyota App. 

EVgo Provider

Therefore, the choice of EVgo as its provider does also say something about how Toyota sees the bZ4X is using. Also, how it is positioning the model. You can’t make it across the country on an EV road trip with the EVgo network, for instance, but the provider has, at least in present years, offered more DC fast-charging options. It would be within major metro areas. EVgo says that more than 130 million people in the U.S. live within a 10-mile drive of an EVgo fast charger. 

Also, customers are different. Plus, often busy commuters are looking to add more miles than usual to their daily routines. In fact, EVgo has added a reservations program. It does allow you to save a particular date and time for a $3.00 fee. It’s also noted that such a system may benefit the businesses hosting charging stations.  

In mid-2022, the 2022 Toyota bZ4X is going to arrive mid-2022. Also, according to Toyota, it will offer roughly a 250-mile range in its single-motor front-wheel-drive form. There is an all-wheel-drive version that will also be offered with a kind of lower range rating.

In fact, Toyota has made a lofty claim with the bZ4X. It will retain 90% of its battery capacity after 10 years of ownership. Therefore it is too important to see the automaker who is not shying away from fast charging, which is what other automakers in the past have, in fact, advised against for the sake of battery degradation.

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