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Tips to Make Driving in the Spring Easy

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Spring brings about nicer weather, making people head outside, and hit the road more often!
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Spring has officially sprung, and we are finally starting to see some classic spring weather come our way. With the spring season and spring weather upon us, however, comes a lot of unpredictability. One trait of spring that often shows itself is the fact that weather can change abruptly and suddenly with no actual sign of an oncoming change. This is one thing that makes spring a make or break season for people. Given this, it is important to know how to drive carefully and safely in spring. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make your driving easier this spring season.

Expect Rain and Know How to Drive in It

Spring is known best for bringing about rainy weather. As they say, “April showers bring May flowers.” So, when you are on the road, anticipate rainfall at any moment. Make sure your tires are properly prepared for rain by making sure they have sufficient tread on them. Make sure your headlights are working properly as well. If you find yourself in the rain, make sure you drive slower and leave plenty of distance between yourself and the car in front of you. Avoid driving with cruise control on, as it can increase your chances of allowing for distraction and hydroplaning.

Avoid Potholes

Potholes come out in spring. They usually form in winter due to the more erosion and abrasion happening to the road, but because of the cold weather and more moisture in the air, the roads are usually sealed well. As temperatures rise in spring, potholes make themselves known and pose serious risks to you and your vehicle. If you see a pothole, try to go around it, if possible, to do so safely. If not, drive slowly over it to avoid as much damage as possible.

Prepare for Sun Glare

The sun is never easy to drive against, but especially the spring sun. It can create a strong beam that poses a serious threat to your line of vision due to how bright it is. We suggest avoiding driving during sunrise and sunset when it is the most powerful. If this cannot be avoided, drive using sunglasses and other protective eye care whenever possible to reduce the risk to your eyes and make driving easier.

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