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The Differences Between Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping

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Enclosed and open auto shipping are the most common shipping methods!
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In the auto shipping industry, you have two options for shipping your vehicle. The two options are open or enclosed auto shipping! Either open or enclosed auto shipping are great options for those looking to ship their vehicles, they just have some different aspects that may make one more preferential to you than the other!

Firstly, what exactly is open auto transportation?

Open auto transportation, also known as open air auto transportation, is a type of auto transportation in which a car is shipped on a trailer with now walls that is attached to a truck. The car is strapped into the trailer and stays secured in that way. The trailer has no walls and no top, just a bare and basic base in which the vehicle sits atop. The trailer is out in the open air, hence the name, and is open to outdoor forces, such as the weather and bugs.

Because of the nature of being out in the open exposed to the exterior real world, your vehicle does face slightly higher risk of damage in transit. The weather forces could create havoc on your vehicle and leave marks. However, this shipping method is the least expensive that we offer, and with your vehicle in our hands, your vehicle will stay incredibly well protected.

So now, what is enclosed auto transportation?

Enclosed auto transportation is exactly how it sounds. The truck in which a vehicle is shipped in for enclosed auto transportation is fully enclosed with side walls, a base, and a ceiling. The truck essentially becomes a room on wheels, enclosing your vehicle inside. With this form of shipment, there is typically only one vehicle shipped.

With enclosed auto transportation you do pay a premium payment for the interior shipping method. Your vehicle is essentially made to be a VIP with this shipping method as it is the only vehicle being shipped inside of a truck. Being shipped inside a vehicle in this way also keeps it extra safe from outside forces, since it will not be exposed to weather conditions.

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