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Subaru Impresses With The Impreza Of 2024

You are currently viewing Subaru Impresses With The Impreza Of 2024
Subaru proves itself with the latest in affordable hatchbacks.
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Subaru is nothing short of a revolutionary car company with the makings of true potential marked all over their business ideas. All because of their exciting new car in the form of the Impreza. This car is truly the more economically-minded vehicle to consider. All because of the trues possibility that the Impreza has a convenient size, mixxed in with wider screens, a stronger engine and all sorts of new features. However, not all is safe in Subaruland, as it no longer offers a four-door option nor does it have manual transmission, while about 73% of Impreza customers are interested in hatchbacks with CVTs.

In the looks of the design, the Impreza allows for the Mazda 3 to be known as an impression. The new design can’t quite shift the dimensions of the Subaru’s very own small all-wheel-drive vehicle. Simply because it’s noted to have a similar wheelbase, length and ground clearance as the past generation, all while being taller and even heavier.

Another functional change that has been hidden, Subaru has been using a plastic step in their rear door sills, which is helpful when they need to load gear on the roof.

With an update to the body structure, allowing for 10% more torsion assistance. The additional support and sound deadening will allow the Impreza to be heavy yet easy on the ears. Likely, the Subaru has also been very quiet and enjoyable to drive.

While parts of the new Impreza got tougher, others have relaxed.

A new electric power steering rack, similar to the one found in the WRX, has been able to lighten the steering effort. Meanwhile, the Impreza itself has also switched over to an electronic brake booster. In itself, that has created a lighter pedal effort. The brake-based torque vectoring, usually found on more expensive Imprezas, is standard across the three-trim lineup.

That lineup includes the base Impreza, the Sport, and the new RS. The last of them is the top-dog. Instead of the standard 2.0-liter engine, the RS uses a 182-hp 2.5-liter flat-four from the Crosstrek and an updated CVT.

There are paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, and the CVT has an eight-speed automatic gear shift. Meanwhile the RS gets dark gray 18-inch wheels, a black front grille, side skirts, heated mirrors, and adaptive LED headlights that peek around corners as you drive.

Despite the bigger engine’s 30-hp and 33-pound-feet advantage over the 2.0-liter base unit, the more powerful engine is a little less.

When comparing base hatchbacks, the EPA thinks the new Impreza gets about 27 mpg city and 34 mpg highway, down from 28/36 mpg previously. The new RS trim is 1 mpg behind at 26/33 mpg. Regardless, the bigger tank gives off better gas for both the Impreza and Sport trims at 500 miles.

In addition to all of this, Subaru’s latest version of its EyeSight driver-assist suite uses a new camera with a wider field of view.

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