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Sorry, Honda E. You Won’t Make It Big In The States

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The Honda E is maybe one of the most unique of the slew of electric vehicles we’ve seen this year. And for certain, we’ve seen more than our fair share of EVs. But Honda has one in particular that seemingly won’t be making a debut in the United States. (Though they’ve been very unlucky with electric pursuits.) The automaker has been earnest with past models like the Clarity EV, but to be fair, the Honda E is way more admirable. Why?

To Begin With, The Honda E Is Small But Powerful

Dimensions-wise, the battery packs 35.5 kilowatts in whole. With two different engines packing either 134bhp or 152bhp, they’re both full of that 137-mile range. The latter gives that 232 lb.-ft. of torque in an 8.3 timing for zero-to-sixty-two accelerations. The throttle tunes smoothly about, regardless of how jerky it may be to press on that acceleration. With it, the Honda E can weave in and out of urban traffic sprawls. What’s more is that the EV is still heavy at about 1,500 kilograms. This could be important to the experience of Normal and Sport driving modes. The suspension is pretty independent of grinding hardship, as the cabin is also quite the silent thriller. Speaking of the interior, how crazy cool is it that there are two 6-inch screens for the wing mirrors? On top of that, the displays will accompany you for radio, navigation, and more.

So Why Can’t It Just Stay For A Sleepover?

Historically speaking, smaller cars don’t sell like hotcakes in the States. Honda Fit was demolished by the CR-V, and huge SUVs, in general, are just more American, as it turns out. Not every model can be as jaw-dropping amazing with sales as the Mini Cooper, to be honest. With tax incentives, it would be brought to a little less than $30,000. Is that a good turnout? That’s the Europeans’ problem.

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