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Solar-Powered Electric Family Car Taking Over The Streets For $5,800

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Electric cars are cool. But do you know what’s even cooler? How they get their power. And Electric cars are getting their power through a multitude of ways. Lithium-ion, hydrogen fuel cells and even solar-powered means. That last one, however, is especially relevant here. Electric Vehicles have a means of being the best of the best. That is because modern-day technology is catching up to the cars with solar-powered integrity. There’s nothing more wonderful than those solar-powered electric vehicles. They have been available on AliBaba. This one happens to be around for about $5,800 dollars. There is quite a small size to this car. It’s 1,540 millimeters wide, 3,380 millimeters long and 1,500 millimeters tall. These vehicles are really ready to rev. And nothing else really exists in such a reliable capacity as these solar-powered vehicles.

This one in general comes with performance unlike any other. A Backup Camera. High Definition video feeds. Bluetooth connectivity. A touchscreen interface and also a 300 Watt solar panel. As is evident, this is how the vehicle itself is solar-powered vehicle. There happens to also be an AC motor and a driver control system that could go for ages so long as the Sun is out and shining,

There happens to be a range of 120 kilometers, with a top speed of 31 miles per hour, and a lifespan of 25 years. The motor itself has given off the 5,000 watts. This is especially good, while considering all the intelligent protection the car has. This includes a front disc brake. A brake assist. And a don’t slip slope. As well as power-off protection and a fault alarm.

Electric vehicles like this one are few and far in between. But when you find something so solar-powered and strong, there has to be a means of the adjustable seat, hand brake, and accelerator pedal. This is how they sell solar-powered genius-mobiles.

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