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SmartHop Coming Back In An Intelligent Rebound

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SmartHop knows how to treat their workers. Being that they’re specializing in autonomy, they have dispatchers that can use AI (artificial intelligence). This is to act as guides when delivering load recommendations. Among other things! For instance, full-service back-office support and digital bookings at guaranteed above-market rates.

Why does SmartHop matter?

Well, it should come as no surprise that they aim to overhaul small trucking outfits. Granted of course with the firm belief that the sector is likely the backbone of U.S. transportation. The company is stating that 90% of carriers with small fleets have less than six trucks. Additionally, owner-operators are prt of 9% of the industry. Fleets by the segments are at the mercy of spot markets that commandeer such a living. Miguel Garcia, the President of Expert Transportation Corp. believes that joining SmartHop months ago is a move he greatly is relieved by.

He even goes on to say that SmartHop “knows where the market is good.” Their tech is capable of putting loads onto a database. To identify the hot spots. Certainly, finding a good load and efficiently moving forward to the next hotspot is a helpful effort.

Once Garcia unloads, SmartHop is efficient at pointing him into the next direction of where he should go to pick up another load.

SmartHop, as it turns out, is way more significant than another freight dispatcher. They’re a “business-in-a-box.” With these tools, they distinguish where customers need to go to drop off and pickup their next freights. Certainly a lot more useful than fretting about nothing. Which is to saay that each company has to have the capacity to go through plenty of load boards, with the ability to make great decisions on the right loads and the right routes.

That said, SmartHop seems to put at ease any concerns. They know how to make life better from a lifetime of having to deal with the drama of such.

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