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San Francisco’s New Mayor “Has Been a Renter All Her Life”

You are currently viewing San Francisco’s New Mayor “Has Been a Renter All Her Life”
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“I’ve been a renter all my life, and so many of my friends have left San Francisco. I don’t want to see this happen to the next generation,” San Francisco mayor London Breed said in her inauguration speech held on Wednesday.

The first black female mayor of the city spoke from the City Hall. She outlined an ambitious to-do list to fix some of the city’s biggest problems. The list includes the high cost of living. She promised to build more housing in a city that has a woefully inadequate supply for the number of high-paying tech-related jobs it creates.

Breed served as President of the Board of Supervisors over the past several years. She has lived in the city most of her life and never owned a home here.

“San Francisco is unaffordable on so many levels,” she said.

A recent report found the household income needed to buy a median-priced home in the city reached a new high. It is now $303,000. The study from Paragon Real Estate used data on sales in the fourth quarter of 2017 from the California Association of Realtors affordability index.

San Francisco Mayor Makes Other Promises

Breed, 43, vowed to stand by immigrants fearing crackdowns from President Donald Trump’s administration. She also wants to help drug addicts languishing on city streets, unable to get the aid they need.

The new mayor grew up in public housing and frequently talks about the love and support she received. This support came from her grandmother, who raised her but also teachers and civic leaders who spotted her potential.

She promised to pay that forward, with opportunities for every child to get paid internships and job training so they also can be part of the city’s promising future.

Breed is a Democrat, as is just about everybody in public office in San Francisco, which has a population of 870,000 and is about 6% black, one of the smallest percentages among major U.S. cities.

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