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Republican Governors Threaten Lawsuits Over Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

You are currently viewing Republican Governors Threaten Lawsuits Over Biden’s Vaccine Mandates
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Republican governors are now threatening legal action following President Joe Biden’s vast and sweeping vaccine requirement announcement this week.

Republican Governors Have Problems with the Biden Administration’s Rule

In fact, the GOP has taken issue with the Biden administration’s move to create a rule. That would be to require private sector companies with more than 100 employees to make sure workers do get vaccinated against the Corona Virus. Or, face weekly testing before going to work. 80 million workers the White House estimates could be affected.

“In fact, I am going to pursue every legal option available to the state of Georgia. This would be to stop this blatantly unlawful overreach by the Biden administration,” said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

The coming rule is “an assault on private businesses, Texas Governor Greg Abbot said. He added: “Texas is already working to halt this power grab.”

“My stand will stand up to defend freedom, said South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem. She added, talking directly to Biden, “see you in court.” Her fighting spirit against this tyranny is remarkable!

Personal Freedom is at Stake!

In a statement, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has called the measure a “stunning violation of personal freedom. Also, an abuse of the federal government’s power.”

This announcement really drew attention from the Republican National Committee. Moreover, RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel did describe the rule as “unconstitutional.” The group said it is going to “sue the administration to protect Americans and their liberties.”

President Joe Biden is Ready to Fight Back!

But Biden welcomed the challenges. When asked about potential legal action against the rule on Friday, he said, “Have at it.”

“Moreover, we are playing for real here,” Biden told reporters. “This isn’t a game.” No, it’s only millions of people’s lives at stake and our government is playing Russian Roulette with them!

Then on Thursday, Biden said this past Thursday in his speech, he called out elected officials were are “actively working to undermine the fight against COVID-19. He said without specifically naming anymore. Although, the president did butt heads with many GOP governors on the Corona Virus-related mitigation measures.

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