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Rain Causes Road Closures and Several Car Accidents in Northeast California

You are currently viewing Rain Causes Road Closures and Several Car Accidents in Northeast California
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Road closures and car accidents has gotten around three-quarters of an inch of rain so far. The storm that came in Tuesday will continue, according to the National Weather Service in Hanford.

Kevin Durfee, a meteorologist with the organization, said that the mountain areas of Kern County have received between an inch of rain up to two inches in some areas. All rain totals are as of Wednesday afternoon.

Bakersfield is predicted to receive up to 2 inches of rain from the storm. Experts are expecting it to last through Thursday and possibly into Friday morning. The mountain areas are expected to get three or four inches. These areas could be a hotbed for mud and rock slides, so if you were planning a hike up there, beware!

Flooding for Rain Brings About Road Closures

According to Assistant Public Works Director Stuart Patteson, there has been some flooding in town but no major problems. He said flooding hasn’t required the city to close roads as of early Wednesday afternoon.

“There’s been a little impact on roads because of the flooding, but it’s actually been pretty quiet,” he said. “There’s a lot of water in the gutters, a lot of water in the streets, but not enough flooding that would cause a lot of road closures.”

While Durfee said the NWS also hasn’t gotten reports of any major issues. There is still time for something major to come up. Whether or not there are many truly devastating consequences, there are definitely temporary issues.

In Kern County, there have been a couple reported closures. One is Malaga Road between Di Giorgio and Panama roads outside of Lamont, according to the California Highway Patrol. Highway 33 at Lockwood Valley Road was also closed earlier this morning due to mud and rocks that had fallen onto the roadway.

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