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President Joe Biden Snubs the CIA in a Choice Affecting Afghan Refugees

You are currently viewing President Joe Biden Snubs the CIA in a Choice Affecting Afghan Refugees
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President Joe Biden is planning on sticking to the August 31st deadline for U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan. However, it’s becoming apparent to thousands of Afghans who did help the U.S. that won’t be evacuating. This is a scenario that has to jeopardize growing frustration inside the U.S. national security agencies.

President Joe Biden is not Making a lot of People in National Agencies Happy

“Moreover, people are furious and disgusted,” said a former U.S. intelligence official. He will not be quoting by name. Thereby, a defense official said he is growing nauseating thus as he is considering how many Afghan allies would be left behind.

Obligations of Varying Kind

Therefore at the CIA, “there are officers that do feel a real sense of obligation, moral obligation, and personal obligation” to the Afghans they do support and train, said former CIA Director John Brennan.

But there is a precarious situation for U.S. troops on the ground left Biden. In fact, there are no good options to move forward their presence, military officials said.

In an unannounced meeting Monday in Kabul, the Afghan capital, between CIA Director William Burns and the de facto Taliban leader, Abdul Ghani Baradar. Baradar does, in fact, appear to have helped speed evacuations, said Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md. As well as other U.S. officials. However, it didn’t prompt a Taliban agreement to deal with a much bigger stay for the 6,000 U.S. troops at the airport.

President Joe Biden’s Immiment Withdrawl Date

The U.S. is proposing to extend the withdrawal date by four days. Thus offering a promise to hand over a functioning airport to the Taliban after cleaning it up. Then cause the Turkish staff to run it. However, the Taliban has, in fact, refused to entertain any extension, two defense officials said.

Orderly Evacuation Given Time Constraints don’t Seem Possible

The result, U.S. officials said, is that evacuations are more than likely to slow much more by Friday to give the military enough time to create what is an orderly withdrawal. That will isn’t nearly enough time to evacuate all the Afghan interpreters, drivers, and others who helped the 20-year U.S. effort in the country. Though it may not be enough time to remove every American, the officials have acknowledged.

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