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Police Car Fastest With The Ford Explorer’s Name On It

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If you have ever been in a pull-over, thanks to police cars, you may have thought of running away. Just pulling an O.J. and try to touchdown the inescapable squad car chase. Well, typically, unless if you’re in an Edgar Wright movie, this type of fantasy is just that. It’s almost impossible to weasel your way out of a ticket. And if any make and model knows that best, well it must be the Ford Explorer. This vehicle happens to pass as the quickest police car on the market. “How, exactly?” We’ll tell you!

We’ll tell you how the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility EcoBoost-mobile is the fastest copper car ever!

For starters, the departments having to do with law enforcement involve a list of requirements that deem a car capable of “serve and protect” purchasing specs. This would involve tests of acceleration, distance to top speed, and lap times that will score A’s across the board. This is all to allow police departments across these fifty states to see what fits their needs the best around. When you look at the all-wheel-drive 2022 Ford Police Interceptor Utility (aka the FPIU,) you can very plainly see that it’s anything but ordinary. With a speed of zero to sixty in 5.5 seconds and towards 100 in only 13.5, the vehicle can reach a top speed of nearly 150 miles per hour. Not to mention, it ranks high in competition with the V-8 Charger Pursuit, hitting about 139 mph, and the Ford Mach-E police prototype with a rumored 480 horsepower.

Furthermore, the Police Car can hit about 318 horsepower. So this is certainly a very fascinating police car that warrants a lot my praise than fear. That’s the beauty of law enforcement; you can protect the neighborhood in a one really cool car. The Ford Expedition is really no laughing matter. It can gun it for sure.

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