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Pandemic hurts average Americans trying to survive

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With millions of people trying to survive financially during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are examples of people using their ingenuity to make ends meet. In turn, they forced to pay their bills and eat. Many people are forced into some heartbreaking and difficult decisions. Some can only now shop at The Dollar Store. The choices are so limited depending on the amount of money a person may have. Some have had to literally count pennies and some sadly have had to steal food to feed their families.

Food Insecurity

Right now, one in three families with kids in the U.S. are experiencing food insecurity. That’s a statistic on the rise. It is double the rate, since 2018, according to a new analysis from The Hamilton Project, an economic policy initiative that offers proposals and policy options. And now, it’s higher than levels of food hardship among children at the peak of the Great Recession. This relates to economic downturns but in the instance of the pandemic, it is disproportionately affecting families with children and the children themselves.

Children in low-income households

Children in low-income households are facing the burden of the effects of the pandemic. This is because the pandemic has had on food insecurity. At one time, children could at least get two meals a day at their schools. But it was never really enough. Now, with many schools out of session in person, that isn’t a reality anymore. Families are stressing out and worrying. Many are looking to Congress for more COVID relief assistance to help them in this critical time of need.

Pandemic -EBT Program

The Pandemic-EBT program provides low-income families with money to replace the free or reduced-price meals their children would have received in school, ends on September 30 unless extended by lawmakers. Many families across the states say that they need more assistance and food stamps aren’t enough, either.

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