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Open Car Transport

Open Car Transport is the most common and most affordable way to ship your vehicle. It’s much easier and cheaper than driving long distances. Not to mention, it’s a lot safer. That’s the reason many people choose open car transport when they need to get their car shipped out of state.

With this method of transport, your vehicle gets picked up from the location you choose. Then, it gets loaded on an open double-decker truck, like the kind you might have seen on highways carrying cars. After that, the truck hits the road, and next time you’ll see your car, it will be securely delivered to you at the drop-off location.

One thing you need to know is that when you choose open auto transport, your car will be exposed to the weather and the street dust. But apart from that, this auto shipping method is totally safe. Our car movers are pros at what they do. They know how to treat vehicles and make sure that no damage is done.

However, if you own a classic or exotic car, or simply don’t like the idea of your vehicle being open to the weather and dirt, you might prefer Enclosed car transport. The rates for enclosed car shipping are higher, but this method of transport ensures total protection for your car.

CTD Open Vehicle Shipping

Our agents are always ready to help you choose the correct method of auto transport for you. We guarantee the safety of our open auto shipping. Also, we provide full insurance. To discuss all the details of your open car shipping and get the answers to your questions, don’t wait to call us!

We hire only the most reliable drivers for CTD open auto transport. We care about your cars’ safety. CTD strives to meet all your car shipping needs and make our auto transport services satisfying for you!

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