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No Upfront Deposit

Nowadays many companies require an upfront deposit. So, essentially, a company can say it requires a deposit simply for you to book a spot on a truck. It’s wise to be careful about this situation. In fact, make sure you get all the details about how the upfront deposit works before partnering with the company you’re in contact with.

At Car Transport Depot we care about your budget, and we want you to have complete trust in us. After all, we’re going to be working together. For this reason, we do not require an upfront deposit. In no way do we want you to pay for car shipping services that have not been scheduled yet.

With Car Transport Depot you only pay when one of our drivers comes to pick up your car. Not until then. At this time, we will use the credit card info you’ve given us and ask to confirm payment. But we will never charge you card until actual shipping services commence.

No hidden fees!

When you get a quote from CTD, that’s precisely the amount you’re going to pay. There won’t be any additional charges or hidden fees. We are honest with our clients about rates and the whole car shipping process.

Also, while we’ll never claim to be the cheapest vehicle shipper, we do strive to compete with other carriers. After all, we want to offer the best prices for the kind of services we provide. So, if you get a quote from another company, let us know. We will always try to beat it.

Car Transport Depot is looking forward to hearing from you. We want to set you up with our efficient nationwide car shipping!

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