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Nissan GTR: You Want it, But Can’t Have it

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The Nissan GTR is undoubtedly one of the coolest vehicles to ever exist. From the original design in the ’60s to its most current version, Nissan has made it very evident that they are the ones to compete with the likes of European and American powerhouse cars.

Japan’s Answer to American Muscle

During the ’60s there was an epic race in America. Who could develop the fastest sports car for the US market? In terms of highest sellers, Ford won that with their Mustang. In terms of raw power, Dodge won that with the Challenger. Everyone else had their niche and style that appealed to countless American car enthusiasts. Meanwhile, across the Pacific Ocean, Nissan was looking at what was going on and decided to throw their hat into the ring. The Skyline/GTR was built and had more than enough competitive power to show-off with any other sports car.

Player 3 Has Entered the Fight: The Nissan GTR

The Skyline/ GTR was proof that Japan could not only make super reliable cars. They could make super reliable cars that had road crushing power behind them. The Skyline was the answer. The coolest part about the Skyline is that while everyone had the ability to compete with one another, Japan, designed and built the car on its own. Without the reliance on competition, the guys over at Nissan basically looked through a telescope at all the other sports cars being made and said “yeah, we can make that.” And they did.

Nissan GTR: Fast and Furious

The Nissan GTR caught the eye of many American manufacturers during in run through the 70’s to the early 2000s, but it spun heads when it was featured in the film “2 Fast 2 Furious”. Paul Walker’s main vehicle for the film featured a right-side driver seat car that, at 12 years old, I couldn’t recognize right away. It wasn’t until I went home, hopped on the old’ dial-up that I was able to find out what that car actually was. I had no idea that Japan basically created its own muscle car, and from then on I became infatuated with it.

I also learned very quickly, and very harshly that due to the design of the car, the emissions rating and the fact that the driver side is on the right (with no plans from Nissan to change that) that I would not be able to obtain one in the United States. It was a huge bummer. What immediately became one of my favorite cars left me with nothing to obtain.

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