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New Resources For Military Members To Break Into The Trucking Industry

You are currently viewing New Resources For Military Members To Break Into The Trucking Industry
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We are all very thankful for the bravery and courage of all of those that risk their lives to defend our country. Yes, we are talking about all veterans and military members. They sacrifice so much to fight for so many. So, once they come back home or try to continue their civilian lives, it is important that they find all the possible help and resources to be able to make the transition as easy as possible.

Since the Trucking Industry is constantly growing and offers very nice benefits and work conditions, many people in the military have been more and more interested in the field. Now, the US Department of Transportation has released new resources to help military reservists and servicemembers get their foot in the door.

Today, the FMCSA announced the publication of a new website that features job opportunities to help young military members to find and apply for a job in the trucking industry. The online job board is aimed at 18-20-year-olds that have a U.S. military driver’s license similar to the CDL.

Since the U.S. has a shortage of truckers, this measure will benefit both the military members and the trucking companies. The Under 21 Military Driver Pilot Program that FMCSA announced this past June will be the first step on the formation of these young truckers.

Service members, the National Guard, reservists, military veterans, and active-duty military members can all take part in the program and the job board website. This pilot program aims to help a limited number of individuals who wish to pursue a career operating large trucks in interstate commerce.

The pilot program has had a lot of negative press due to the low age of those that are being trained and offered a truck driving job. However, the program is designed to last three years and safety records of these young drivers will be used to determine if the age of the driver is a crucial safety factor or not.

The U.S. Department of Labor works very closely with the military to be able to help veterans through their transition to civilian lives and careers. That is such an important task, even in a society that has seen this year their lowest numbers on employment rates.

What do you think of this program? Do you think it is a good measure to help military members adapt to civil jobs? Or do you believe drivers that young shouldn’t be allowed such a dangerous job? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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