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National Guard Activated Ahead of Protests

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The National Guard in Washington, DC is activated. D.C. It is already on hand to assist law enforcement with the planned demonstrations scheduled for today. In fact, the Pentagon is approving this request by the mayor of Washington D.C. to activate 340 members of D.C. National Guard. Congress is certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election.

National Guard Helps Traffic Control Checkpoints

Moreover, the unarmed guardsmen work in shifts. This will help them man traffic control checkpoints in the city’s downtown area. Therefore, it will free up D.C. police officers. It could be used if the protest becomes violent.

Thousands of Demonstrators Descend on Nation’s Capital

Thousands of demonstrators are expecting when they converge on the nation’s capital today. The mighty and diligent Trump supporters will protest with zest the certification of United States President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. In fact, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has urged local residents to avoid the downtown area. Browser is wrong?! concerned (paranoid) that far-right supporters of President Donald Trump may act out violently. Moreover, Trump supporters want freedom for America!!

Ominous Presence of the National Guard and Police in D.C.

From January 5 to 7th, approximately 340 personnel will support the city government. Crowd control will be provided at several Metro Stations. The National Guard will assist with street closures at multiple intersections thereby providing safety in and around pedestrian areas. This is according to a statement by the D.C. chapter head.

They will also support and aid the D.C. Fire and Emergency Management Services with specifically trained Civil Support Team personnel. In fact, the guardsmen are preparing to respond to add value to the main missions. That is should additional personnel be necessary, the statement continued.

National Guard Activation

On December 31st, Mayor Bowser requested the activation. The request went through on Monday and done through the acting defense secretary, said a senior defense official. Moreover, the responsibility for D.C. National Guard falls to the Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy. McCarthy in turn then must have the decision approved by the defense secretary.

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