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Maintaining Safe Driving with Back-to-School Season

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Back-to-school means back to school loading zones and busy crosswalks!
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August marks the beginning of back-to-school season in most places, ending after Labor Day. As we are in the midst of this year’s back-to-school season, it is important to remember a few things when it comes to driving. These tips will help make sure you, your children, and everyone around you stay as safe as possible when returning back-to-school drop-off zones and parking lots.

Remember Some New Drivers Are on the Road Now

If you have high school-age children, when you take back-to-school, it is important to remember the fact that you are likely now sharing the road with a lot of newbie drivers, high school students who got their licenses and a car over the summer. This means they likely do not fully know the way to navigate the roads, let alone the complexities of school parking lots. It is important to just remember to be patient and kind as they adjust.

Re-entering the Dreaded Drop-Off Zone

There is nothing quite as chaotic as school drop-off zones during back-to-school season. When you enter the schoolyard, there are kids running all over the place, some are experienced in the routine themselves, while others are experiencing drop-offs for the first time themselves. Be sure to drive slowly and cautiously in school zones. This should apply year-round, but especially during back-to-school season.

Beware of Bikers

When students live close enough to bike to school, many like to because they enjoy the freedom it brings. In back-to-school season, they likely figure out their routes and test different shortcuts. When you are the driver around this, you have to be extra careful and be on the lookout for children on bikes, as they can appear out of nowhere.

Don’t Double Park

There is nothing other parents hate more than a double parker in a school loading zone. It creates more traffic and blocks visibility, which just creates an accident waiting to happen.

Don’t Block Crosswalks

This is a rule of thumb to follow on any street, at any time, but it is imperative you follow this in school zones. Lots of students walk to school or get dropped off nearby and walk the remaining distance, so crosswalks are usually bustling walkways by schools. You do not want to be the person to block that and cause more of a walking traffic jam by being an obstacle in their path.

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