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LA Postal Worker Killed

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LOS ANGELES, CA — A car hit postal worker Joel Perales in a fatal accident on Monday. Perales was delivering mail in Southern California. He was supposed to be off on Monday. However, he had decided to work overtime to make extra money for the holidays.

A car evidently lost control struck Perales at about 10:00 a.m. He was working at that time in the 2100 block of South Atlantic Boulevard. He was pulling out mail and packages from the truck when the car hit him. Footage of the accident scene shows a white coupe stuck underneath the rear end of the postal truck. The truck also had a shattered windshield.

A building on the street was also damaged in the accident. Sheriff’s officials said that the accident injured someone inside the building. The injuries, however, were not life-threatening.

The victim was a long-time postal worker in Los Angeles.

Joel had been a postal worker for 30 years, according to his family. He had five children: four boys and a daughter. He also had three daughters-in-law. The daughter was planning a wedding for next year. Perales had been planning to walk her down the aisle.

Perales’s son Timothy stated that it is difficult to accept that his father is gone. Joel also leaves behind other family members, including his wife, nine grandchildren, and siblings. He also leaves behind his congregation in La Mirada. He was a pastor there.

Detectives are tracking down security footage to assist them in putting together the events of the crash. The victim’s family suspects the coupe driver could be at fault. The family mentioned the possible high speed of the coupe.

Perales’s loved ones said that he will be remembered for his love of his family, God, and the Dodgers. He will certainly be missed by many.

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