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L.A. Offering Free Rides on Buses and Trains for Voters on November 6

You are currently viewing L.A. Offering Free Rides on Buses and Trains for Voters on November 6
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LOS ANGELES, California — L.A. Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials are decided to offer free fares on buses and rail system on Election Day of Nov. 6.

On that particular day, rides on Metro’s six rail lines and 2,200 buses will be free from 12:01 AM. to 11:59 PM. The $1.75 fare is eliminated for a day that will cost the agency an estimated $600,000.

Los Angeles County’s voter’s turnout rate was 31% throughout the midterm election process, 4 years ago. It was the lowest in California.

According to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, one of the authors of the motion, they know there are so many impediments to folks voting. And according to Metro’s Thursday meeting, they know how critical the process of voting is and that the election day is important.

A survey done by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology with 10,200 voters in the 500 states and Washington D.C. found the access to transportation was one reason that 31% of registered didn’t attend the polls 3 years ago. The figure was much higher in California it was at 51%.

Changing the one-way fares for a day won’t eliminate all of Metro’s income, because some riders have unlimited monthly passes or more of them can be seniors, students and the disabled.

The free policy will bring L.A. into step with other major U.S. metro areas, including Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, and Minneapolis. Not this year but in the next year, the policy will be discussed whether it should be permanent.

The policy will not include those municipal carriers that have their own fixed fares and carry people for smaller routes. However, the similar policy is considered to be set for DASH buses in L.A.


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