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Jeep Takes On The New Ford Bronco

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Jeep is one of the most iconic automakers in the US. They have solidified their stance within the market as the ultimate lifestyle vehicle. Through their efforts, they created one of the most rugged all-terrain vehicles in the world.

Well, now they have some competition. Ford is looking to get into the lifestyle market. With their release of the Bronco a true Ford classic, Jeep is looking like its on the receiving end of a possible bad year for sales.

Is this really the case? The answer is no.

Shortly after Ford debuted its new van, the off-road monster company had a follow up announcement.

Jeep is currently in the development of a new Rubicon. This new heavy hitter is looking to heavily compete with the Bronco – not just in terms of sales, but its specs.

While the Ford Bronco is turning heads, its not quite what is used to be. Swapping the big V8 engine of yesteryear for a more fuel efficient (but no less functioning) V6 turbo – the company shows that an all-terrain vehicle can produce plenty of power a torque with a smaller size. The new Rubicon, however, is dropping a massive 400 horsepower big block V8.

Other factors to note are the front axle. For Jeep having a solid front axle means a more durable ride. If something were to happen to it, it is more easily repairable. Having a solid axle also means a higher ground clearance.

Jeep also has the history of over 80 years with the populace. While first getting their gears turning during World War 2 as the go-to vehicle for troops, their success came after when they hit the consumer market. Since then, Jeep has maintained its name for all those who look to get more adventure out of their vehicle.

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