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Is There Uber For Moving?

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The time we live in can be officially called the age of Uber. We use apps to move and deliver anything or even to find a room in another city. It is no surprise that new startups pop up daily, creating new services to make a consumer’s life easier. You can go anywhere in the city using Uber and get food from any restaurant (even if they don’t deliver) using apps like Postmates. Soon any problem can be solved with no hassle if you have the right app.

Today even such a nerve wrecking process as moving can be handled with an app. There were days you would have to search online for moving companies and get multiple quotes to compare them. Now you only need one of those “Uber for moving” apps to get your stuff to a new place.

One of these apps is GoShare. You can say it is very much like Uber but for moving furniture and other items. You choose the pickup and drop-off locations and then you will be asked to choose a vehicle from a range of pickup trucks and cargo vans. Then you will need to list your items, including descriptions and pictures, as well as estimated weight, and you are ready to move.

A driver will show at your pickup address and help you with loading your stuff. GoShare charges 99 cents per minute ($29,99 minimum) and payments are made with a credit card. While the delivery is in process, you can track its status. As for safety, the drivers working for GoShare have all passed the background check, and all the items they deliver are covered by insurance. After the delivery is done and the driver has unloaded your stuff, you will be asked to rate him to ensure the quality of service.

Such apps help make things that seemed to bring so much hassle as simple as they can get. No matter if you are hungry and need some In-N-Out urgently or you are looking to move your whole household, modern technologies have a way to help you. Maybe at some point it will be possible to download food and move stuff online, but as for now, it is nice to enjoy all the services those helpful little apps can offer.

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