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Is Door-to-Door Car Shipping Right for You?

You are currently viewing Is Door-to-Door Car Shipping Right for You?
Door-to-door is a great service, but it's not perfect for every situation.
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At Car Transport Depot, we want to make sure that you get the right shipping service for your vehicle. While we love offering door-to-door auto transport, we recognize that it’s not always perfect for our customers. Don’t worry, though; we’ll make sure that you get the right service for your vehicle, no matter what it may be. After all, we have no problem shipping terminal-to-terminal either! Here’s how to decide if door-to-door car shipping is right for you:

The Reasons We Offer Door-to-Door Standard

Our goal is to provide the best car shipping service that we can for our customers. In our minds, that usually means shipping their cars right to their door. Door-to-door transport is incredibly convenient for most people. With this service, you won’t have to drive to one of our terminals to drop off or pick up your car. We’ll come get your car from wherever it may be and ship it right to your destination. This way, you save time, energy, and even money. Sounds like a win all around, right?

The Case Against Door-to-Door Car Shipping

However, there are reasons to choose terminal-to-terminal service instead of door-to-door. For example, if your origin or destination is on a really busy or narrow street, we may recommend against door-to-door. Some streets just aren’t amenable to a huge car carrier parking there to load or unload a vehicle. If you know that our loading process will cause a massive traffic jam or a safety issue, it’s best to simply choose terminal-to-terminal shipping instead.

Another reason to pick terminal-to-terminal shipping is if you won’t be available for the pick-up or drop-off. Door-to-door service is very convenient for people in terms of travel, but it can cause problems for people who can’t take the time to be present at either end. With terminal-to-terminal shipping, our team will keep your car safe and secure for as long as you need. You can come pick it up at your leisure, which is something that door-to-door shipping can’t help with.

Ultimately, the service that you choose comes down to personal preference. If you’re having trouble deciding on the right shipping service for you, simply contact us. Our team of car hauling experts would be more than willing to find the perfect service for your needs!

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