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Introducing a New Solar Powered Car

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The Solar City is another micro car.
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We live in a time in which we are all trying to be more conscious of our air pollution and be better for our planet. With that, many individuals and government agencies are going in a more electric direction for things like cars, power tools, and so much more. This means that car manufacturers are working hard to innovate and create new ways for our cars to run on things other than gasoline. Some are still in the early stages of development for their electric vehicle models while others are aware of the eventual point in which our power grid will not be able to withstand all of these electric vehicles. That has led to one tech company to begin to work on a solar powered vehicle. Introducing the Solar City Micro EV from Squad Mobility.

This car is one that certainly looks and runs a bit differently than other cars that we are used to seeing.

The Squad Mobility made car is set to hit markets as soon as 2025. It is quite small in size, but surprisingly mighty despite that. It essentially mirrors the look of the Smart car, being compact and fitting two people. The car is fitted with solar panels on the top of the car, which are what generate the solar power to power the vehicle.

The range of the power depends on where you are and what kind of sun exposure you have around you, but the solar panel roof can currently power a car for about 19 miles on a sunny day with a full charge. The current prototypes of the Solar City can get up to about 25 miles per hour, which is the fastest any other solar powered car has gotten. While either way this vehicle is not currently made to be taken on any long-distance drives, it does also come with back up batteries that are chargeable and can be swapped out. The car can hold four batteries, which will give you an extra range of 62 miles.

There actually is a model of this car that sits four people!

While you may be thinking since this car is like the Smart car, it is extremely tight fitting, but there is a surprising amount of space in the car. There is around 168 liters of storage in each car, with comfortable seats as well!

Squad Mobility is still working on bettering their new innovation in electric vehicles. By the time they actually hit the market in 2025, it is likely that these solar cars will have even more excellent features.

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