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Naturally, your automobile is one of your most prized possessions. It’s an expensive item that you most likely use every day. Consequently, when you book car shipping, you want to be certain your precious car is in safe and reliable hands.

At Car Transport Depot we promise you that your auto transport is safe and secure. We’ve got a proven track record of executing flawless deliveries. Nevertheless, a lot of unpredictable things that are outside the driver’s control can happen out on the road. The chance of mishaps remains small but it still exists. That’s why any car transport company must have valid insurance to ship vehicles. Whether it’s performing open, enclosed or expedited shipping, quality insurance is an absolute requirement!

Car Transport Depot has valid insurance. So, in the unlikely event that anything happens to your vehicle during the shipping process, we’ll cover all the damages. In fact, we provide full insurance for all the vehicles we transport regardless of the exact shipping service: corporate relocation, snowbird services, military vehicle shipping, etcetera… Your vehicles are covered across the board.

Not only are all your vehicles covered with quality insurance, but our team of drivers is also the best in the business. They’re experienced and well-trained with a wealth of knowledge about all our transport routes. Plus, we take the time to perform frequent inspections on our trucks and trailers. And again, should the rare accident happen, we’ve got you fully covered.

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