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Car Transport Depot History

Car Transport Depot’s history started in 2007. Back in those days, it was a small family business. We were based in the sunny state of California. We had just one moving vehicle and provided our first customers with local shipments on a weekly basis. And we were running the whole thing from our garage!

After about a year, things started changing quickly. The demand for Car Transport services started increasing. We began to receive requests for out-of-state car shipping. Since then, we’ve started growing. We moved from our garage into a new office and hired new employees. Our mission has never changed, though. We have kept on caring about our customers and their vehicles. With time, we became able to add more auto shipping services to fully satisfy our clients’ requests.

Then, a team of website developers and designers joined us. Now we can present ourselves online and tell more people about Car Transport Depot. We recently also added an option to get an instant quote online. Everything to make the process smoother for our customers.

Car Transport Depot Today


After years on the market, we have gained a great reputation. Our customers have shared their opinions about our Car Transport services. That brought more clients to us. Because word of mouth is so positive, Car Transport Depot has many returning clients. Customers choose us again and again because they know they can trust us. We’re real pros at what we do. And we strive to meet all our clients’ expectations!

We now provide a wide range of Auto Transport services. Car Transport Depot ships door-to-door. We can deliver all types of vehicles. Besides autos, trucks, trailers, and vans, we also offer help with corporate relocation. We also ship cars from dealers and auctions.

Car Transport Depot delivers vehicles across the whole country. We can ship anywhere in the states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

At Car Transport Depot we always look for amazing live agents and experienced truck drivers. No matter what, we’re still a family business and we treat each other like such. And, of course, we’ll never stop truly caring about our clients and their vehicles!

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