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High Blood Pressure and Your Driving Career

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In order to be allowed to be a truck driver, you need to have your blood pressure at or below 140/90. Still, if you have problems with high blood pressure, you can be certified to drive. You can take medications to keep your blood pressure at a normal level, or try to change your lifestyle to protect your health.

High Blood Pressure is dangerous. You might not feel it affects you a lot now, but it has a negative effect that can damage your health over a period of years if you leave it without control. Some of the symptoms of this condition include irregular heartbeat, nosebleed, tiredness, short breath, vision changes, bad headaches, etc. If you are experiencing any of those, contact your doctor. Don’t leave your high blood pressure uncontrolled. It even can cause such critical consequences as brain damage, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and others.

There’re no lists the DOT or FMCSA have of recommended or prohibited medications. So if you have high blood pressure, it’s better if you go see the doctor to get a prescription for the medication that will work for you best.

Certification for drivers with high BP

Stage 1 – BP from 140/90 to 150/99

You can be medically certified for a year. At recertification your BP must be no higher than 140/90 for you to pass. If it’s still above that level, you will get a non-renewable certificate for 3 months. If after this time your BP is still high, you will be disqualified until it’s normal.

Stage 2 – BP from 160/100 to 179/109

You can only get a 3 month certification. To get the rest of 12 months certificate, your BP must go back to normal. If it doesn’t, you will be disqualified until it does.

Stage 3 – BP from 180/110 and higher

If your BP is this high, you will be disqualified from driving until it gets back to normal. Then you will be able to get a 6 month certification. You will have to recertify every 6 months.

Be careful with your health. If you want to make a career in truck driving, look after your blood pressure carefully and don’t delay visits to your doctor.

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