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Gubernatorial Elections Tight Between Republicans And Democrats

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Gubernatorial races are tight this year.
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The brand-new campaign season for 2024’s gubernatorial season will likely be much smaller with only 11 races being held. From the looks of it so far, about seven of the races so far show up as a likelihood of being dominated by the Republicans. Meanwhile, two of those races are safely Democratic-dominant.

From a glance, you can already tell that the North Carolina race will be tightly important as the Democrats are defending what currently looks like an open seat. The three gubernatorial races that take place in 2023 may be discounted as we already know that Louisiana and Mississippi will likely have Republican candidates. Meanwhile, Kentucky is up in the air.

Aside from those races, let’s take a brief look at each of the gubernatorial races that we need to concern ourselves with for the election year of 2024.

Utah will lean Republican. With Governor Spencer Cox holding high approvals, it’s hard to see how this won’t be possible, while he signed measures tightening abortion rights.

North Dakota will lean Republican. Governor Dough Burgum is poised to seek a third term.

Missouri may be anyone’s guess, seeming how the current Governor is term-limited. Mike Parson could pass on the baton to Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe, as he snags more attention than the state’s House Minority Leader, Democrat Crystal Quade.

Montana is leaning towards a Republican vote. The Governor, Greg Gianforte, isn’t quite a popular man but he’s likely to be replaced by Tanner J. Smith than by Ryan Busse, a traitor to gun-owners and a miracle story for Democrats.

West Virginia is a toss-up, seeing how Governor Jim Justice is more interested in the Senate. To take his place, you’ve got everyone from Attorney General Patrick Morrisey to local legend Chris Miller. The Democrats that will be versing the Republicans include Huntington Mayor Steve Williams.

Indiana is anyone’s guess, since the current Governor is term-limited. Mike Braun is sacrificing the Senate seat he’s had a good hold on to challenge whoever would take over from outgoing Eric Holcomb. Donald Rainwater is back to run after losing the gubernatorials back in 2020.

Vermont is likely to lead towards Republican Phil Scott, unless if he’s uninterested. Then Democrats will possibly seize control.

New Hampshire is most-likely going to be returning to Republicans, with Governor Chris Sununu on-board. Though he’ll have some likely opposition in Cinde Washington, the sole Democratic member of NH’s “fourth branch.”

North Carolina could be anyone’s for the taking, as Democratic Governor Roy Cooper is limited on his terms.

Washington (State) could be up for grabs since DEMOCRATIC Governor Jay Inslee is on the way to retirement. They utilize a top-two primary system while the general election would feature a Democrat vs. Republican race.

Delaware is anyone’s guess, while the Governor is limited on his terms. The Matt Meyer bid may be likely, as Lt. Governor Bethany Hall is the only individual that could attack the other Democrat in the polls. What can happen next is anyone’s guess.

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