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Governor Newsom’s Western Gun Ploy Tests Texas’ Abortion Law

You are currently viewing Governor Newsom’s Western Gun Ploy Tests Texas’ Abortion Law
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Governor Gavin Newsom is making a pledge to create a new law allowing private citizens to sue anyone making or selling assault rifles. Thus reflecting a controversial measure banning almost all abortions in the state of Texas. It sounds like Newsom is possibly against the Second Amendment!

Governor Newsom’s Proposal

In this case, imitation is not a form of flattery. The sharp escalation in this partisan battle is Newsom’s proposal. It is about a partisan battle over the Texas abortion restriction. Also, it does come as a direct response to the Supreme Court’s ruling last week. It would allow the ban. The point is to keep it in place while legal challenges of limited scope are permitted to continue.

Partially a calculated political play, the proposal, may also be the beginning of what some legal experts did say could be part of similar laws. It would use the same mechanism to target any number of rights. Plus any issues privileged by both the left and the right.

“If somebody is trying to exercise the right to same-sex marriage on the other side of the political spectrum. That is if you know someone doing this. Then you could, in fact, imagine a state legislature allowing suits against people who are thereof providing services on an equal basis to same-sex couples. Or something like that,” says Michael Dorf. He is a law professor at Cornell Law School and expert in constitutional law.

Guns are Supposedly the Problem

The issue is guns for now. If created and passed, the case of the California law would mark the stark realization of grave concerns. It would be by some gun rights groups. They have, in fact, found themselves atypical allies with abortion rights advocates. This would be in opposition to the Texas measure.

For now, though, the issue is guns. And in the case of the California law, if created and passed, it would mark the realization of grave concerns by some gun rights groups. They have found themselves with unusual allies with abortion rights advocates that are in opposition to the Texas measure.

The recent 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority allows some, though not all, legal challenges thereby to continue. Newsom was outraged by this ruling.

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