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General Motors’ Chevy Silverado EV will be Built in 2023

You are currently viewing General Motors’ Chevy Silverado EV will be Built in 2023
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General Motors executive has confirmed that the Chevrolet Silverado EV will arrive in 2023, with the production starting early that year. The timing may be sooner than the late-2023 timeline that is previously suggested. However, it does set the Silverado EV or the Silverado E as it has been calling at the time for an arrival which includes several other key electric trucks which have already been launching. The competitive set is likely to include the Ford F-150 Lightning. That is possibly going to arrive by next May 2022. Moreover, the Rivian R1T is just starting to arrive to customers.

General Motors’ Chevy Silverado EV Goes up to Hundreds of Miles

GM has claimed that the Silverado EV has gone up to 400 miles of range. It may be seen right next to the Lightning as a traditional-looking counterpart to the very different Tesla Cybertruck. The vehicle is due for a product update soon. It will deliver sometime next year.

The carmaker’s first electric pickup is going to be very different and more affordable than GM’s first electric pickup. That would be the GMC Hummer EV. It will cost $112,595 in Edition 1 form. It is due before the end of the year. The vehicle is estimated at 329 miles of range. Moreover, the electric Silverado is due then to follow the dedicated-electric “structural sandwich” approach. This will be used to conceive the GMC Hummer EV. Then it will focus on accessibility that the fleets can then afford.

GM is teasing a glass roof for the Silverado EV. The Four-Wheel Steering system is described more as a steering and maneuverability aid. Then there is the Hummer EV’s off-road-focused Crab mode.

On the same platform as the current F-150, Ford has conceived the F-150 Lightning. However, it has already planned the production to 80,000 units per year. This past week, Ford CEO Jim Farley said it is already planning its full-size electric-truck successor to Lightning. It will be built on a dedicating EV platform. Its arrival will be mid-decade predicting an “incredibly high volume.”

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