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Expedited Car Transport

Expedited Car Shipping

Expedited Car Transport is a premium service for customers who can’t afford to wait. It’s always better to plan your car transport ahead. It lets the auto company be more flexible with the dates you want to choose for your auto shipping. But as we all know, things happen in life that might cause you to have too little time for your auto transport. That’s when expedited car shipping comes in handy.

Car Transport Depot is an auto transport company that cares about your car. And we also care about your time. With our expedited car shipping, your vehicle will be picked up as quickly as possible — even in a matter of just a few hours. You will get your car shipped much faster than with regular auto shipping.

Expedited car transport is, of course, more expensive. However, it ensures the fastest car delivery for you. The rates for expedited car shipping differ depending on the route and the type of vehicle. Expedited auto transport is available for all the kinds of vehicles we ship, including exotic cars. With Car Transport Depot you can ship your vehicle on an expedited basis.

What to expect from the Expedited Option?

When you book Expedited Auto Transport, it means that we will pick up your vehicle as quickly as we can. What we do when we get an order for expedited car shipping is to try to find a direct carrier. So the speed of the process depends on how soon we manage to do it.

What we can’t rush is the actual transport process. A driver can’t go faster than they would with regular car shipping. There are speed limits and other safety regulations. Expedited car shipping only means the fastest available pickup.

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