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Enter Someone to Win a Mazda Miata for Being a Hero

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Mazda Heros: Honoring The Human Spirit

Mazda is giving away 50 100th Anniversary Edition Mazda MX-5 Miatas in total to people that helped their community in 2020. The carmaker just launched Mazda Heros: Honoring The Human Spirit. The program designed to honor individuals that worked hard to make 2020 not be so bad for others in their community. This program is philanthropic. It is a way to say thank you to people who spent time and energy into caring about the wellbeing of others ahead of themselves.

Nomination Criteria for the Mazda Program

The program has just begun and will accept nominations through October 25th. You can nominate yourself or someone else you feel had a positive impact on your community. The nominee has to be at least 18 years and have a valid driver’s license. This is because it’s a chance to win a car. Plus you know, and have done some good.

To enter, you need to put together a video up to one minute in length. But it should be no longer, describing what good the person did for others. Examples would include a teacher putting in extra effort to make distance-learning work. Another example can be someone helping others get necessary personal protective equipment or whatever else did you to help your community do good.

A panel of Qualified Judges View Entrants Videos

After October 25th, “a panel of qualified judges” will pour through the entrants videos. Then they will select 50 individuals to receive a 100thAnniversary Edition Mazda MX-5 Miata. Earlier this year, the car was announced. This was part of a celebration of 100 years of existence and 50 years in the U.S. The cars stand out from standard MX-5s with a snowflake white pearl paint and dark red roof and interior. There’s also a 100th Anniversary badge on the inside.

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