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Dealer Car Transport

Dealer Car Transport

CTD provides dealer car transport services. We can ship your new vehicle from any dealership in the United States. Sometimes it happens that you find your perfect car, but you can’t get it from the local dealer. But then you search online and you find it at an out-of-state dealership. Let’s say, you live in Miami, but your perfect car is in New York. Clearly, you won’t fly to the Big Apple just to pick up your new vehicle and drive it all the way back to Florida. Why would you, when you can just use dealer car transport services? It’s easier and way cheaper. When you use our service, you can just sit and relax, while your new car is on its way to you.

We also work with dealerships. For example, CTD can help a dealership ship a vehicle from a factory to a show. We have great relationships with many dealers. They use our car shipping services again and again. We’ve earned their trust with our honest work delivering cars to shows across the 50 states. We can also help you with shipping several vehicles at the same time. CTD does everything to satisfy our customers’ needs.

CTD has years of experience in transporting vehicles from car dealers. During this time we’ve helped many people with shipping their new cars from dealerships. Our rates and reliability for dealer car transport services will please you. All of our different options for car shipping are available for dealer auto transport. If you ship a vehicle requiring added protection, our enclosed car transport provides it. With us, you can be sure of your car’s safety. Our skilled drivers know all about different kinds of auto shipping. We also inspect all of our trucks to make sure they’re in great shape.

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