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Deadly Crash in Oakland Left Interstate 880 Closed for 5 Hours

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OAKLAND, California — A deadly crash involving a Fedex truck and a car blocked all lanes of southbound Interstate 880 near 66th Avenue in Oakland Thursday morning, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Lanes of the freeway reopened just after 8 a.m., about five hours after the crash occurred. It took so long because of all of the debris the crash caused. This debris was caused by the Fedex truck for the most part. It had plenty in its cargo hold to spill out onto the highway.

The wreck happened just before 3 a.m., according to CHP Officer Matthew Hamer. Details regarding what led up to the crash were not immediately available, but the truck’s second trailer tipped over and the car overturned as a result of the collision.

“Due to the impact of this collision, there is quite a lot of debris on the freeway,” Hamer said early Thursday. As a result, the officials needed quite a bit of time to do their clean up.

Oakland Crash Kills One

The driver of the car was killed in the collapse, Hamer said. The driver of the truck was taken to a hospital with unknown injuries. Although the crash was clearly quite violent, it seems that only one person will die from it. A small consolation, to be sure, but a consolation all the same.

Officials had to close all southbound lanes to complete a comprehensive investigation. They are still working on the investigation, but the freeway is open once again. After all, it wouldn’t be California without the freeway coming before almost anything else.

Drivers were encouraged to use alternate routes while the roadway was closed.

No further information was available as of the publication of this article. However, the officials will continue updating the public as the day goes on. Check back in with the CHP for more updates!

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