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Crime Busted! Four Men Arrested For Running A Drug Trafficking Coup

You are currently viewing Crime Busted! Four Men Arrested For Running A Drug Trafficking Coup
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On October 16th, four men were under arres for a crime. Firstly, they were under arrest for running a known drug trafficking organization. The Drug Enforcement Administration were able to identify a semi-truck under the usage of Lozano organization. The idea was to traffic cocaine all the way across the United States. This information was in cahoots to plan an operation. A Tractor-Trailer and a Pickup Truck had a big problem with agents. And they quickly would follow the vehicles. Men additionally saw eight pallets with compartments shut, from prying eyes.

These agents apprehended the pickup before pulling it over with approximately seventy-two large wrapped packages of suspicious cocaine. It went on for sale for quantifiable sums of money. Splitting the remaining money with coworkers.

Promptly, they’ve been put behind bars.

These men were immediately put under arrest and one suspect would enjoy the purchase of a kilogram of cocaine. This would be $31,000 and selling it for $33,000, keeping $1,000 and then splitting the remaining cash with his crime workers.

Therefore, these men have been charged with the Intent to Distribute Controlled Substances.

My Lines On Crime

I don’t particularly agree with doing drugs on the job. It doesn’t make sense and essentially it’s only going to get you in more trouble than if you just never did those substances on the job at all. This is pretty specific towards truck driving as well.

Because you’re operating a weapon. And not just any weapon. But a bazooka of a truck. This is the problem. You bring that truck through any part of town you aren’t immediately looking at because your nose is high and mighty in between your eyes? Bam! You crash and you possibly die along with other victims. Don’t be dumb like that. Be a smart person.

Don’t transport drugs. At all. If you know someone that is, report them.

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