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Congress is Facing Drastic Deadlines From Debt Limit to Defense

You are currently viewing Congress is Facing Drastic Deadlines From Debt Limit to Defense
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Congress is now returning from Thanksgiving with many urgent deadlines and major issues that are in front of them. In fact, two include bills to avert the economic crisis and the biggest piece of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda.

Congress Drastic Deadlines

Below are what the Senate and the House are facing in a high-stakes December. Congresspeople from states across the country have their work cut out for them.

Congress and Government shutdown

The most pressing deadline Congress faces is the government shutdown deadline. Moreover, it will also likely be the simplest hurdle to clear.

On December 3rd, the government funding does expire. That is Friday. This does mean that Congress is going to have to pass an ongoing resolution. That would be before even trying to keep it government-funded. Moreover, the consequences of this failure are going to be the same as in past shutdowns. The federal workers are going to be furloughed. Then, the government services are going to be cut until Congress can get a funding bill to Biden’s desk. 

Continuing Resolution

Then, the Democrats are in both chambers. Also the Republicans in the Senate. They also widely supported the last continuing resolution in September. Then, they are expected to do so again. 

Moreover, there could be some political grandstanding and such. However, such as when the “Squad” members in the House did block the Iron Dome missile funding for Israel. In the last continuing resolution, congressional leaders are likely to find a way to overcome that.

Debt ceiling

In December, the debt ceiling battle has the highest stakes of any issue which that Congress has faced. Moreover, the debt default is going to lead to catastrophic economic consequences.

Government and Money

Until December 15th, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said the government has the money to cover its expenses. Moreover, it is possible she may be able to stretch that timeline even longer. However, by how much that is not clear.

Debt Ceiling Hike

This Fall, the Republicans have demanded earlier this fall passed a debt ceiling hike on their own. It is with no GOP votes. Moreover, this could require them to use the reconciliation process in the Senate. Also, Republicans did argue it was fair. That is because Democrats are using the same process to avoid a filibuster. Thereby, pass their massive spending bill on party lines. Democrats refutely opposed this also demanding a bipartisan vote.

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