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Colonial Pipeline is Restarting, Still the Gas Crisis is not Over

You are currently viewing Colonial Pipeline is Restarting, Still the Gas Crisis is not Over
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Colonial Pipeline is back up after a very difficult and dramatic six-day shutdown. However, extensive gas station outrages moreover that are occurring in the Southeast could go on for many days. In fact, there are industry executive and government officials that have warned it will take time to refill gasoline supplies. Unfortunately, they have emptied as a result of the panic buying, a truck driver shortage, and on top of all that, the ransomware attack on the pipeline.

Colonial Pipeline Crisis is Causing Havoc and Fear

An astonishing 71% of the gas stations in North Carolina and 55% in Virginia were without gasoline. This occurred at 7 a.m. ET today and according to GasBuddy. This is a well-known platform that tracks fuel demand, prices, and outages. In addition, 49% of the stations in Georgia are without gas now. Sadly, only all three states only saw “limited overnight improvement” in the gas was available, according to Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy.

Major Outages, Substantial Progress

Washington DC (47%), South Carolina (54%), Florida (31%), Tennessee (34%), and Maryland (34%) are states that had major outrages. This was reported by GasBuddy. However, there are major cities that are seeing “some” improvement in outages are Atlanta, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, and Raleigh. De Haan wrote about this on Twitter.

Restarting the pipeline took place this morning. This is according to the operators of the Colonial Pipeline today. Thus, has added the fuel has started to flow to most of the markets it is serving. However, by midday today, they do expect every market the pipeline feeds will receive fuel from the system. In fact, there is a map distributed by the company that indicates segments of the pipeline that does run in North Carolina, Virginia, and in Maryland are working properly now.

Colonial Pipeline: Six-Day Shutdown

On Wednesday, Colonial Pipeline launched its restart after a six-day shutdown caused by a malware attack. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said today the fortunate restart of the 5,500-mile pipeline, in fact, “should mean things are going to return to normal by the end of the weekend.”

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