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Classic Cars And How To Save Them From Wildfires

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The fires on the West Coast haven’t been getting any easier. The density of the smog has made plenty to sick to go outside. Many Californians, for example, have had to evacuate. Here are some solutions to protect your classic cars from the fires. We hope they come in handy.

Classic Cars Need Classic Enclosure

What better way to save your smooth ride by leaving it in a garage? Make sure the windows and sunroof are closed shut. There’s also the option of fitted car covers; that can save your ride from ashes.

No Rags (Don’t Be A Drag!)

The worst thing you can do for your car’s exterior is ruin the paint job. This includes dusting off the dry ash with a scratchy towel. Otherwise, flecks of ash will grind against the rag and scratch your paint job. If you really want to clean it, use a spray of water to douse the car. Top to bottom.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Even after the fires die down, there’s still trouble afoot. Or should we say, a-drop? For instance, rainfall proves to be toxic when mixed with ash. Avoid taking your car out until the rain stops.

Balance A Bubble Bath

When it’s prime time to wash the wagon, there’s a specific pH-balanced car soap to use. To be frank, this neutral soap will save your car from scratches.

Wax. Polish. Repeat.

How else would you show your speedster some love than with a spa day? Waxing your vehicle smooths over the top of the car’s paint. Where as polish does a good job as well. When you polish the car, it removes all the dust and flakes you see.

To recap, we think you should keep up with the news. That way, you can be ready for the next fire that comes your way. For more on these fires, check out this link.

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