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Car Transport Depot started out as a humble mom-and-pop operation over 12 years ago. Now, we’re a well-respected car shipping firm who delivers cars to and from anywhere in the country. People enlist our services every day because they trust us with one of their most prized possessions: their automobiles. To us, this is the highest honor and we don’t take it lightly.

That’s why at Car Transport Depot we strive to maintain our excellence by constantly looking for dedicated and hungry professionals. After all, our devoted team of expert customer service agents and our skilled drivers are what allows this operation to thrive. We make sure that anyone who joins the Car Transport Depot team believes wholeheartedly in our mission to deliver efficient, effective, and affordable car shipping.

When you work with us, it isn’t just a job. You become a member of a like-minded group of people who truly believes in the work they do. Plus, we foster an atmosphere that rewards effort and a well-done job. Car Transport Depot offers a real future for you.

Careers at Car Transport Depot

We hire hardworking candidates who are skilled at their job and want to continue learning about vehicle transport. With a constantly growing company, we are always in need of talented, hungry workers.

Here are the positions available in our company:


To become a Car Transport Depot driver you have to have at least 2 years of experience in the same role. You also must have a clean driving record and pass all the mandatory drug tests and physical exams. CTD drivers must also be able to handle heavy-duty vehicles as loading and unloading the trucks will also be your responsibility.


If you have a truck, you can work with us as an owner-operator. Your truck must pass our company’s inspection. Furthermore, it must also pass DOT 4 level inspections as well. We take security very seriously!

Dispatcher Career

CTD dispatchers must be well-versed in the geography of the United States. This includes a deep understanding of the highways, safe routes, and bridges. Knowledge of cars’ models, makes and sizes is also tremendously beneficial, as well as some notions on the various trailers and trucks in the market. And remember, we don’t exclusively ship cars!

Shipping Coordinator

Our shipping coordinators must possess at least two years of experience in customer service and should be able to provide on a first-class level. Logistics skills are also a plus. Furthermore, multi-tasking skills are essential as this position demands the handling of several phone calls at once. Naturally, to excel at this position you must be a people person with the ability to make the caller feel listened to.

So, if you are interested in working with Car Transport Depot, contact us today!