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CA Bullet Train: Revealing Shady Business

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The CA bullet train has come under fire. Disputes from project managers have put a law firm between the company and its completion.

The report states that the company behind the construction of the train tried to clamp down on reports that it was trying to silence employees from negative reviews. This has caused backlash within the company. It was so bad that the company called in a law firm to settle the dispute.

“I was told to shut up and not say anything,” Mark Styles said. “[They told me] I didn’t understand the political arena the project was in. I told them I am not going to shut up. This is my job.”

Styles is the former senior supervisory scheduler for construction in the Central Valley. Not only was Styles told to be silent but many other high ranking officials were told to do the same.

CA Bullet Train Issues

The endeavors to complete the California bullet train have had a rough time. Since February 12th of 2019, the project has been held off indefinitely. The only work done on the project was through the Central Valley. Workers will finish the remainder of the train at a later time.

The project has used billions of dollars in taxpayer money and has become a staple in debates as to how the state spends taxpayer dollars. The recent issues coming forth today have been a strong indicator that this might not blow over well with the company in charge of developing the fast track system. Currently, the project owes the Federal Government over $3 billion dollars.

New Issues Add To The Credibility Of The Train

The current issues that are coming forth from workers on the project have only worked to hurt the already overpriced railway system. Still, Californians across the state are the majority in favor of the project and see it as a way to better commute to different areas.

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